Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Trash & Treasure Sale

Greetings & Salutations,
This weekend was the Trash & Treasure sale in Presque Isle, Maine. On Saturday I went with my fab friends, Erin & Toni. We had a blast & it was so nice to spend the afternoon with these awesome ladies. I found these treasures on Saturday.....
More Shiny Brite ornaments for my collection

I love my "new" Fisher Price barn. It looks like someone enjoyed playing with it for many years & that makes me happy. I have so many great memories of playing with my Fisher Price toys when I was a kid. That reminds me, I need to ask my Mom where those are.
I noticed quite a bit of stuff that my sweet husband might like so we went back on Sunday.  We stopped at Tim Horton's for a coffee on the way there & spent the afternoon looking around at all the cool stuff people were selling. I had to exercise restraint & not buy every single thing I wanted since we're going to be moving cross country. It wasn't easy but I pulled it off. The less we have to move the better.
This binder was FULL of button cards. 

I wanted to buy every single one

I wish I had bought some of these. I think they would look great in a big jar

Vintage Avon soaps

A metal doll house with all the furniture & of course Red Rose tea figurines

These are my treasures that I brought home with me on Sunday. 

We had to have the Beavis bobble head. I love the napkin holder & how awesome is this camera?

This pink elephant is from Avon & it was made in the 60's. This little metal car is my new favorite thing in the world. I've always wanted mugs like this so I'm pleased as punch that I found them. The little plates are so tacky that I had to buy them. One has the Tower Of Pisa on it & the other has landmarks in London, England. They're fabulous little kitschy souvenirs from someones vacations. I couldn't pass up the Life Saver bank or Marge Simpson. It wouldn't be right if I didn't give these treasures a home. Would it?
It was an excellent weekend & I hope yours was great as well. TTFN.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I've Got Your Cabin Fever....Right Here

Cabin fever has officially meandered into my world. As I type this I see slow flurries. Instead of kvetching about the weather (okay....along with, not instead) I've found some ways to pass the time. 

I would love to say that I did this is photoshop but I've never mastered that. This involved cutting the photo, gluing it to cardboard, taping it to a wooden skewer & sticking it in the snow in front of a tunnel that Dave dug in a pile of snow. Use of time productively spent, I'd say.
       I made snow people, complete with a coconut bra.

                          I bought crafty supplies online.
I entered to win one million dollars by naming a bag of potato chips. I hope I win.
I cleaned up a huge mess of beads that my cat Fiona decided to knock off of my work table

     I created some art & worked in my Smash Book
     I've looked at far too much of this white, cold stuff.
         I even helped rake the snow off of the roof
I received the wonderful gift of sunshine....even if it didn't last very long

And last but not least......the squirrels are appreciating the snacks we leave out for them
If you happen to live somewhere that is warm & your days are filled with sunshine, I'm happy for you. Someday it will be Spring here & I will welcome it with open arms when it finally arrives.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My New Crafty Addiction- Altered Vintage Slide Magnets

A few months ago I found these awesome vintage aluminum slide holders on Etsy. I just had to buy them because the creative possibilities were endless. They are the coolest things EVER! I have slide holders that are made of paper & some are metal/aluminum but they don't even compare to these treasures. This set came with super thin glass slides that pop into the slide holders, perfect for mini artwork or magnets. I chose to make magnets, lots & lots of magnets. I've been having a blast creating magnets that range from sweet, insightful, downright audacious & full of sass. 

I was making them with quotes & pictures then just the other night it hit me.....I could make magnets that say "The future Mrs.____________." I chose famous people that I think are pretty easy on the eyes i.e.: Denzel Washington, George Clooney, Bradley Cooper... you know...those hotties. I posted a few of the pictures of the finished magnets on Facebook & Instagram & I began to receive requests for magnets with the names of different people. I kicked it up a notch & asked what color background would each person like & I spent the day creating custom magnets. Since it was so popular, I've created a listing in my Etsy shop where you can order your own custom magnet. You choose the name you would like & the color scheme & I create it for you. Pretty cool, right? You can find that listing right here. Here are a few that I made. 

If you would like to check out some of the magnets I've made that are for sale now, you can find them in this section of my shop. Thank you for reading & I wish you a great day.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

*****24 Hour Coupon Code Alert****

                         ****Coupon Code Alert****
For the next 24 hours, use the coupon code HAPPYTHURSDAY to save 25% off your entire order (shipping not included.) This offer expires tomorrow (2/21/14) at 3:00 pm so be sure to get your shopping done before then so you can save some sweet cash. 
Altered Art


Altered Coffee Pots

Altered Scrabble Tiles

Beaded keychains/purse charms

Collage Art
There is a lot more to choose from so be sure to head over to my shop in the next 24 hours to save 25% with the coupon code HAPPYTHURSDAY. Have fun shopping.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Random Smattering Of Stuff From The Past Week

Greetings from the snow globe. As I type this, there is a mix or snow & wind that is making me feel like I'm in a snow globe & someone keeps shaking it up. Such is life in Maine. 

Anywhooooooo.....I finally felt well enough to get some crafting done this weekend & what a happy relief that is. I still have a lot of pain but my energy level is much better due to the lack of fat in my diet. Hurray! There really is something to this eating healthy gig & I have survived over 1 week with no chocolate. A triumph considering how much I love chocolate. 

I finished up this fabric covered picture frame with fabric rosettes that I made. I decided to turn it into a framed cork board so I made some snazzy push pins to go with it. This was fun to do.
Since my new addiction, Smash Booking has taken over the living room I've been in the process of making my accumulation of "stuff" more organized so it doesn't take over the room. I had this hard cover accordion folder that is supposed to be for organizing Christmas crafts but I thought it would be better suited for my Smash Book/art journaling cards, stickers, images etc......
This is the before picture
This is one side after I covered it

And the other side 
I used my label maker to label the tabs for easier access & organization

This is the box we received.
A friend of mine turned me on to this nifty concept called a Graze Box. Once every 2 weeks, you get a box with 4 different delicious & healthy snacks in it. We received ours a few days ago & we LOVE it. We fell madly in love with the Flapjacks. They are granola bars that are moist & wonderful. Our flavor we received was orange & chocolate. It's really cool to receive a box in the mail for $6.00 (with free shipping as an added bonus) that is full of delicious snacks that you can't buy in the store. I'm really happy about this new discovery. You don't pick out what they send you but you can go on their website & rate the snacks they offer. If you don't like something or haven't tried it & know you won't like it, you just click "trash" & they will never send it to you. Each time you receive your Graze Box it will contain different snacks. Such a brilliant concept! It is by invitation only so if you would like to try it, I have a friend code (that is attached to the link below) for you to use. I think you'll enjoy it as much as I do. Who doesn't love mail, especially when it's delicious? Even better, your 1st & 5th box is free. SCORE! Just CLICK HERE to get started. 
I even recycled the box to make pages for my art journal
I also tried a new recipe this week that we both decided is a definite keeper. I found the recipe on Pinterest & finally got around to trying it. I'm so happy I did. This tortellini soup was super easy to make & it is delicious. I added a few more cloves of garlic & I substituted a can of diced Italian tomatoes instead of the can of whole tomatoes. Either way you do it, I think you'll love it. 

So that's all for now. I hope you're having a peaceful Sunday & the upcoming week will be a great one. TTFN.